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Practical gardening guides to download & share

We are always looking for Zambian resources to share. 
Let us know if you if you have some books or articles, specific on 
Zambia that we can promote.

Zambian Books

A field guide to the (wetter) zambian miombo woodlands

This two-volume field guide covers the wetter miombo woodland of Zambia and is based on field work undertaken in the Mutinondo Wilderness Area of northern Zambia. Although based on Zambia, it contains much of interest for other countries in the region. 

For further information contact the author directly at

a guide to the lesser known waterfalls of zambia

Flora of Zambia is a website dedicated to documenting this country's flora with pictures and idenfications from hundreds of lay botanists.  .

For further information contact the author Quentin Allen  [of Bushscapes Gallery)  directly on +260 979602032


A handbook by Robin Pope

Grow Your Own Food

Link to grow your own video series

This is a 12 part video series in conjunction with Foundations Zambia and Chengelo Training School who share how they research practice and teach regenerative farming.

You will learn how to grow your own food at home.

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