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Here is a collection of just a few of some of the resources online that relate to Zambia that you can look at to develop your interest.

We are always looking for Zambian resources to shares so let us know if you if you have some content specific to zambia that we can promote.


indoor plant maintenance checklist

Different plants have different requirements when it comes to their care. For people who have just just started their indoor plant journey we have put together a checklist of  maintenance tips to help them stay on top of of everything.

a beginner's guide to indoor plants

This book is a compilation of tips and has everything you need to know as a new 'plant parent.' From what you need to look for when buying a plant to which type of plants to avoid bringing into your home.


The Garden Tutor course and the optional Master Garden Tutor Course Kit is an award-winning, crash course in gardening basics with the absolute beginner in mind. From “101 to a green thumb,” Garden Tutor can teach anyone how to design, install, and maintain the garden of their dreams. The course is FREE and takes 2-3 hours to complete. 

This online resource, prepared in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society and presented by Alan Titshmarsh, will bring life to your learning. There will be eight modules in all. You can work through them, or simply dip in, it’s up to you. The modules cover everything you need to know to give you a great start in gardening

The Thrive Institute promotes a holistic approach to gardening that links nutrition, organic gardening, natural medicine and income generation.  The free trial of the course allows you to experience the platform and will cover healthy soil practices that will help you increase your yields.

Zambian Websites

Flora of Zambia is a website dedicated to documenting this country's flora with pictures and identifications from Zambia's most experienced botanists.  It also has sister sites in, and So if you are keen on learning more about indigenous plants in the regions this is a good place to start.

Agriculture in Zambia is a local blog targeting small scale farmers.  It brings up local trends in the farming industry and may be of interest to new farmers

Zambian Books

A field guide to the (wetter) zambian miombo woodlands

This two-volume field guide covers the wetter miombo woodland of Zambia and is based on field work undertaken in the Mutinondo Wilderness Area of northern Zambia. Although based on Zambia, it contains much of interest for other countries in the region. 

For further information contact the author directly at

a guide to the lesser known waterfalls of zambia

Flora of Zambia is a website dedicated to documenting this country's flora with pictures and idenfications from hundreds of lay botanists.  .

For further information contact the author Quentin Allen  [of Bushscapes Gallery)  directly on +260 979602032

grow your own

FfF Thumbnails (17).png

This is a 12 part video series in conjunction with Foundations Zambia and Chengelo Training School who share how they research practice and teach regenerative farming.

You will learn how to grow your own food at home.