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Facebook Groups and Communities

Updated: Feb 13

One always feels encouraged when you are surrounded by like minded people and that is one of the benefits of online communities. In Zambia we have several groups online which one could join where people with interests in gardening, farming and the environment can share and learn.

Gardening in and around Zambia

Mission: To encourage gardeners in and around Zambia

Gardening in and home Zambia and beyond

Mission:A group to get together Zambian gardeners and exchange ideas.And talk a lot about succulents.

Small Scale Farmers (farming as a business)

Mission: If the farmer is poor then so is the whole country.

This group is all about sharing knowledge on agriculture in the broadest sense of the word. Here you can ask questions and share what you know on those subjects.

Small Scale Veg Farmers in Zambia

Mission: This group is about exchanging ideas regarding the efficient growing of crops in Zambia and also to view Agriculture as a business as opposed to it being taken as a way of life.