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Clivia miniata

Care Tips

Habit: Rhizomatous perennial producing dark green strap-shaped leaves and bearing an umbel of dull to bright orange or occasionally yellow trumpet-like flowers.

Temperature: During the growing season from spring to early fall plants grow best between 18 to 25ᐤ C; however, during late fall and winter when plants are ‘resting’, temperatures around 10ᐤ C are required to initiate flowering. Avoid temperatures below 4ᐤ C as it may result in the death of the plant.

Light Exposure: Plants grow well in bright, indirect light for best growth indoors. Avoid placing plants in direct sun or in dark locations.

Watering: Clivia like a moist growing medium but not soggy; water only when the top 3 cm of soil feels dry to the touch. Always check the soil moisture first but as a rule of thumb watering once a week in the rainy season, once every five or six weeks in the cold dry season and once or twice a week in the hot dry season.

Fertilising: Give plants a well balanced fertiliser once a month during the hot dry season and rainy season but not during the cold dry season when plants are resting (semi-dormant).

Pruning/Repotting: Remove yellowing or brown leaves as necessary and cut spent flower stalks after flowering has finished. Clivia like to be root-bound and repotting may only be needed every five or six years.

Pests/Diseases: Aphids, mealy bugs, spider mite, Lily borer and slugs and snails may attack plants; while a number of fungal pathogens can cause root rot and damping-off while the leaves can be affected by rust and leaf-spot fungi.

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