What do we do?

The Greenspace Media Project is the social enterprise of Greenspace Zambia which is a Lusaka based plant nursery.


Greenspace Zambia produces media that promotes the development of urban spaces in Zambia's cities and towns.


By providing contextual information we hope to motivate more people to engage in home gardening or agriculture while making responsible eco-conscious choices.

Who we work with

There are many individuals and organisations that are already promoting greenspace in Zambia in different ways.  We work to amplify their stories so other people can be inspired to get involved in their local communities. 


We look to to partner with organisations that have a strong social interest and participate in creating sustainable cities.

The Regenerative Agriculture series in conjunction with Foundations Zambia was our first collaboration of 2021 showcasing the work of Foundations Zambia who run regenerative farming training within the surrounding community of Mkushi.