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Chamaedorea cataractarum

Cat Palm

Chamaedorea cataractarum

Habit: Slow growing small to medium sized clumping upright to arching palm growing up to 100 cm tall with slender green pinnate leaves and bright yellow pendulous inflorescences.

Temperature: Plants grow best between 15 to 25ᐤ C and temperatures below 4ᐤ C may result in the death of the plant. Avoid placing plants in windy or drafty locations which can lead to less attractive plants.

Light Exposure: Plants grow well in bright, indirect light for best growth indoors. If watered more frequently, plants can withstand some direct sun but tend to become more tattered in appearance.

Watering: The Cat Palm should be watered enough to keep the root ball evenly moist but not soggy. Always check the soil moisture first but as a rule of thumb watering once a week in the rainy season, once every two or three weeks in the cold dry season and once or twice a week in the hot dry season should be sufficient. In addition, misting the fronds during hot dry weather will keep plants looking good.

Fertilising: Give plants a well balanced fertiliser once a month during the hot dry season and rainy season but not during the cold dry season when plants are resting (semi-dormant). Plants are susceptible to the buildup of salts in the soil either from over fertilization or the use of hard water, which is high in calcium.

Pruning/Repotting: Remove dead or dry leaves and old spent flower stalks as needed. Repot plants every three or four years once the roots have filled the pot.

Pests/Diseases: Cat Palms are generally pest and disease free; however, plants can be affected by spider mites during times of low humidity.

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