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Thinking Green 

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Let us know if you have a 'green' story, an event or innovation to share and we will see if we can include it in the newsletter.

Let's make Zambia greener together! 🌿🏡🌇

Edited by Nicko Wightman

The Thinking Green Newsletter is all about practical ways, that we can be sustainable in Zambia. We want to build a connection between people who are actively looking to bring about change at a local level.

In the newsletter, we talk about easy ideas for being eco-friendly in everything, like your garden, tools, and how our cities grow, and share inspiring stories of people who are already living this lifestyle in Zambia.

It is delivered once a month and you have the option of receiving occasional emails relating to your interests.

Stay updated on local green events...

Monthly Garden Updates: Receive valuable insights and tips for sustainable gardening practices.

Green Technology:  Discover new tools, apps, and equipment designed to reduce energy consumption, improve waste management, and enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Environmental News: Learn about climate change initiatives, wildlife conservation, and policy changes that impact the environment.

Community Events: From eco-friendly fairs and clean-up initiatives to workshops and farmers' markets, these events provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and support local sustainable businesses.

Green Lifestyles: Learn about people who have committed to making changes in order to live a sustainable lifestyle.

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