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Thinking Green 

Receive the freshest updates on gardening and environmentally conscious lifestyles directly in your inbox.


Zambia is already experiencing the effects of the warming global climate with erratic weather patterns.  While a lot can be done on a government level, individuals can play a role in mitigating this change at a individual and community level.


With access to contextualised information about how to practically create eco-friendly lifestyles around their homes, individuals can choose to act within their own households and communities, committing to the principles of sustainable living.

Edited by Nicko Wightman

The Thinking Green Newsletter is all about practical ways, that we can apply in Zambia, to help sustain our planet. We want to build a connection with other people who are actively looking for ways to protect the planet.


This community will hopefully demonstrate this lifestyle within their neighbourhoods and be the change we need at local level.


In the newsletter we talk about easy ideas for being eco-friendly in everything, like your garden, gadgets, and how our cities grow, and share inspiring stories of people who are already living this lifestyle in Zambia.

It is delivered once a month and you have the option of receiving occasional emails relating to your interests.

Let us know if you have a 'green' story or innovation to share and let's make Zambia greener together! 🌿🏡🌇

Group Planting a Tree
Stay updated on local green events...

Monthly Garden Updates: Receive valuable insights and tips for sustainable gardening practices.

Green Technology:  Discover new tools, apps, and equipment designed to reduce energy consumption, improve waste management, and enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Environmental News: Learn about climate change initiatives, wildlife conservation, and policy changes that impact the environment.

Community Events: From eco-friendly fairs and clean-up initiatives to workshops and farmers' markets, these events provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and support local sustainable businesses.

Green Lifestyles: Learn about people who have committed to making changes in order to live a sustainable lifestyle.

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