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Albida Agriculture

Organic Fertiliser

Amiran Zambia

Vegetable Seedlings, Agrochemicals, Irrigation, Greenhouses

Black Gold Compost

Organic Compost from Cotton Waste

Blackpepper Gift Deliveries

Flower Arrangements & Gifts

Builders Warehouse

Indoor and Outdoor plants, Garden Tools & Accessories, Garden Furniture, Plant Pots

Butterfly Bush

We sell a variety of Palms,fruit trees,shrubs, flowering plants & trees! Rare plants too!

Charity Mwakilima Ngoma

Succulents, agaves, philodendron, agelomena, cyprus

Decthra Paver Designs

Ecobiz Farms

Organic Compost

Exotic Blooms

Luxury flowers . Gifts . Balloons


Cut flowers, hebrs, honey, essential oils

Garden Talk Nursery

We have a wide collection of all plants. Perennial, shrubs, hedges.

Greenfinger Farming

Indoor and outdoor plants and garden accessories

Greenspace Zambia

Corporate plant rental services where we rotate plants into offices to keep plant displays looking fresh.

Havillah Gardens

Garden Center, Farming, Agriculture, Flower Pots, Landscaping, Event Management.

Hena Blooms Nursery

Indoor & outdoor plants

Hoya House Zambia


Jacana Gardens

Landscape Specialists, tree surgery

Livestock Services

Livestock supplies

Nam's Garden Concepts

Bromeliads and Agaves

New Forest Nurseries

Specialise in Large mature palms and trees.

North Route Nursery

North Route Nursery is a macadamia and avocado tree nursery based in Chisamba.

Oakview Rare & Exotic Plants

Imported Exotic plants, agleomenas, alocasia, philodendron, bromeliad, anthurium

Orca Deco

Home Decor, Plant Pots, Artificial Plants, Garden Furniture

Palm Farm, Kabwe

Succulents, Fruit Trees,

Palm View Nursery

Palms, hibiscus, bouganvillea,


Exoctic and Indigenous Tree Saplings and bedding plants

Rainlands Nursery

Our nursery offers a wide variety of garden plants, vegetable seedlings and indigenous tree seedlings.

Indigenous Trees

Rose Garden Plant Nursery

Indoor, herbs, annuals, palms, creepers, succulents

Sandy's Creations Garden Centre

Sandy's Creations has the largest Garden Centre in Zambia offering a wide range of imported & local plants.

Table Six Events

Flower Arrangements, Wedding Planning

The Flower Cafe

Flower Arrangements & Gifts

The Flower Studio

Flower Arrangements & Gifts

The Nursery On Chifwema

The Pot Shed

Garden pots, fountains and spheres

Thee Florist

Flower Arrangements & Gifts

Trees 4 Zambia

We have over 100 species of trees ready for sale. All our trees are grown from seeds collected in Zambia.


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