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Trees 4 Zambia

Plot 297A/L Chifwema Road, Leopards Hills

+260 976060642

Speciality Items

We have over 100 species of trees ready for sale. All our trees are grown from seeds collected in Zambia.

Trees 4 Zambia

About the Company

Trees for Zambia Tree Nursery is a popular destination for anyone looking to buy high-quality trees and other plants in Lusaka. Located in Leopards Hill, this nursery specializes in growing indigenous and exotic tree species that are well-suited to the Zambian climate.

One of the unique features of Trees for Zambia Tree Nursery is its focus on environmental conservation. The nursery's mission is to promote the planting of trees in Zambia, and they encourage customers to plant trees as a way of mitigating the effects of deforestation and climate change.

Trees 4 Zambia
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