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Plant Selection

Keeping plants alive in indoor spaces can be a challenge over the long-term and our service of switching out plants before they begin to decline is essential to our client services.


We maintain an array of shade tolerant plants in our shade house for use in plantscaping services for our clients. As we work with a client we continue to grow our collection, adding more plants to suit their environment. In addition, we also source plants locally should a client have a specific plant or aesthetic in mind.


Below is a selection of some of the plants in our rotation.

Plant pots

Container pots

613 Black pot 35cm.jpg
610 Brown pot 35cm.jpg
659 Black Saucer 35.jpg
655 Brown Saucer 35.jpg

We pot up all our plants in plastic inner pots with drip trays.  These can be displayed as they are or placed within a decorative cover pot.  Our quotations for rental services will be based on these 3 pot sizes.

Pot sizes range from:

  • Small 12.5-15cm diameter

  • Medium 20-25cm diameter

  • Large 30cm-35cm diameter

  • Extra large 43-58cm diameter

Rubber Plant

As a general rule, in order to maintain balance the ratio of plant height to plant pot (or cover pot) is up to 2:1.  So for example a 15 cm pot can have a plant up to 30 cm tall. However, larger pots will usually have taller plants. 

This can give you an idea of how tall the different size pots and plants can be in your space.

Cover pots

Comparatively the range of decorative cover pots available in Lusaka is somewhat limited.  This could be in part because, prior to covid, the demand for indoor plants was not that high.  There has been a surge in indoor plants and accessories in the last few years with greater number of specialist plants being imported on a larger scale.

Local Retail Suppliers

Cover pots can be found in certain local retailers, who may also be willing to source specific goods for corporate clients:

Local Crafts

Local artisans can create cover pots out of terracota, cement or even fabric and woven grass. Unfortunately many of these craftsment do not have a strong online presence so you may have to ask around to find them.

Regional Suppliers

For Commercial projects it may be necessary to import planters. 

Take a look at these commercial planter manufacturers based in South Africa:

Our Work

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