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from Greenspace Zambia

Indoor plants on sale at the Mocha Puddle

Greenspace Zambia has it's roots in the horticultural industry. Originally a plant nursery, we have experience in growing and selling plants and have watched the industry change over time as have plant trends.

Regardless of changing fashions we are always approached by people who want

  • easy-to-care for plants,

  • plants that they can't kill,

  • us plants,non-poisono

  • Pet friendly plants. 

We focus on producing these classic plants  and potting them in cement or plastic containers for convenience.

Succulents potted in cement pots

We have partnered with the Mocha Puddle Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe to distibute our plants. 

You can find a range of potted indoor and outdoor plants available for sale at their location in Mass Media area of Lusaka

Indoor Plants

The selection of indoor plants is a range of classic plants including ZZ Plant, Sanseviera and peace lillies, among others. 


The majority of these are desk plants (in 15cm pots). We also have larger statement plants (in 43cm pots) which could make interesting decorative features  in any home.


Potted succulent arrangements have long been our staple and remain our best sellers.  Not only are they colourful all throughout the year, they are also very easy to care for making them ideal for those with limited space and time.  Many people actually find that these make the ideal thoughtful gift for a loved one.

We have a selection of mature succulent plants that are available for purchase from the farm in Lusaka.

These are ideal for people looking tor unique plants for their corporate and home landscaping projects.

Meet and Greet

Occasionally we join other small businesses at craft markets and trade shows. 


We really do enjoy getting out and engaging with new people, many of whom would never walk into a plant nursery in their normal lives.  We are proud of the fact that many people bought their first plant ever, though us.


During these informal meetings, we chat with a wide variety of individuals and it's through this process that we discovered the wide range of attitudes towards gardening in Zambia. 

Follow us on social media to find out which markets we may attend in the next few months.

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