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We explore Zambia's botanical wonders 

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Zambeziflora is the media platform for the Zambezi Horticultural & Botanical Research Institute. We focus on profiling local plants and habitats in Zambia with the aim of creating awareness and appreciation of Zambia's botanical gems.

We put Zambian plants 'on the map'

Zambia has some of the most unique plants in the region, however not enough documented information exists about the different species and there remains so much more research that remains into their potential uses. 


Zambezi Botanical and Horticultural Research Institute is registered as a non-profit with the mandate to update Zambia's records on botanical species and by creating awareness on these plants, it will eventually lead to discussions around conservation and cultivation of these species before they become endangered.

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Zambeziflora Themes


We travel a significant amount into Zambia's natural areas in order to do surveys on the different indigenous plant populations in those areas and as you can image it adds up financially,


We are open to sponsorship for our video production by like-minded brands.  If you feel you can assist in any practical way please email us at

Zambeziflora Online

This channel is coming soon!
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