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We use media to spread the 

message about green issues

Why we do what we do

Gardening, agriculture, and environment all involve growing plants and using land to produce food or beautiful plants. In Zambia, a significant amount of land is used for these purposes every year.


The key to success is having fertile soil, enough water, and biodiversity. But no matter which activity we engage in, it affects the environment.


By using media to promote appropriate plants and gardening methods in all three areas, we can improve soil quality, increase biodiversity, and promote long-term productivity while mitigating climate change. 

Our Youtube Channels

greenspace logo

A general platform where we share a diverse range of on home gardening and urban environment.  The website also provides a range of practicable information.

zambeziflora logo

A specialsed platform for indigenous plant enthusiasts where we collect projects around Zambian plants and Zambian botany.

homestead zambia logo

This channel will look at sustainable gardening and as it developes further it will take a focus on small scale agriculture and the concept of 'living off the land'

Let's focus on the  people in Zambia

who are making change

Then it comes to gardening and the environment, we frequently focus on the challenges we face but we sometimes can miss the small signs of progress.


There are so many stories to tell, garden enthusiasts who are doing amazing things in their backyards, there are small businesses who are working to grow our local gardening industry, there are nature lovers who commit to conserving that the environment around them. 


As we develop our project we will be able to help people tell their stories and inspire their communities.

Support the Vision

Quality content creation costs time and money and we always appreciate financial support to pay some of the expenses behind production.  These costs include software, transport and data for our volunteer contributors.  

Your financial support would help use produce content consistently on our digital platforms.

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to the media production of a series, we would be glad to chat with you you further.  

Please email us on for more information.

man in front of camera vlogging
woman holding 'lets make zambia green' sign

Let's make Zambia green again!

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Volunteer on the Media Team

This initiative is run by volunteers who commit their time to research, script, record and edit videos.  We are always looking for experienced creatives that are willing to volunteer to find new ways to spread the concept of eco-friendly lifestyles as well as expand their own experience and influence.


Being able to capture the right content is key so if you are experienced in photography or videography or film production please email us with your CV and links to some of your work.


If you have the vivacious personality of a presenter, or the coordinating skills of a producer let us know and we may be able to use you on one of our shows. Send us your CV and include links to some of your work.


If you have the technical skills to support your creative ideas then we want to hear from you. This includes design of websites, video editing, social media posts. Send us your CV and include links to some of your work.

Social Media

We produce different content across our social media.  If you are skilled in multi-channel management then get in touch, with your CV and links to your work.

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