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Amiran Zambia

Plot 9362 Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia


Speciality Items

Vegetable Seedlings, Agrochemicals, Irrigation, Greenhouses

Amiran Zambia

About the Company

Amiran Zambia is a reputable agro supply company that provides a range of quality brands across seeds & seedlings, agrochemicals, irrigation, and greenhousing. Their extensive product range makes it a one-stop-shop for farmers and gardeners looking for high-quality products.

One of the highlights of Amiran Zambia is their seed and seedlings collection. and you'll find a wide selection of quality seeds and seedlings at their store. Their knowledgeable staff can also provide advice on planting and growing techniques to ensure that you get the best results.

In addition to seeds and seedlings, Amiran Zambia stocks a variety of agrochemicals to help farmers and gardeners manage pests and diseases. They also provide irrigation and greenhousing solutions to help you maximize your yields.

If you're a gardener, you'll also find useful items such as seed trays, cocopeat, and other garden supplies at their store. These items can help you get started with your gardening journey or improve your existing setup.

Amiran Zambia
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