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North Route Nursery

North Route Farm, Chisamba

096 7787442

North Route Nursery

Speciality Items

North Route Nursery is a macadamia and avocado tree nursery based in Chisamba.

About the Company

North Route Nursery in Zambia is a tree nursery that specializes in wholesale production of true to type genetics of avocado, macadamia, and citrus seedlings. Their focus on high-quality genetics ensures that their customers receive plants that are healthy, productive and meet their exact requirements. The nursery has an experienced team of professionals who carefully manage the seedling production process, from selecting the best parent plants to planting and nurturing the seedlings until they are ready for sale.

The nursery's focus on producing seedlings that are true to type genetics ensures that farmers can grow crops that meet the exacting standards of the market. This is especially important for crops such as avocados, macadamias, and citrus, which are in high demand both locally and internationally. By working with North Route Nursery, farmers are assured of high-quality seedlings that will produce the best possible yields, resulting in a more profitable crop.

North Route Nursery is committed to supporting farmers and the local community, and they work closely with local organizations to provide training and support to farmers who are interested in growing these crops. The nursery also provides technical advice and support to farmers to ensure that they are able to achieve the best possible results from their crops.

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