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3A Ntoyo Rd, Lusaka 10101

095 5555511

Speciality Items

Exotic and Indigenous Tree Saplings and bedding plants


About the Company

Plantamillion is a plant nursery located in Woodlands, Lusaka, that focuses on promoting the planting of trees and plants to mitigate deforestation. The nursery is very visible online and has an online store that makes shopping for plants and trees convenient. They offer a wide range of trees, plants, and shrubs suitable for different gardens and landscapes.

One of the unique aspects of Plantamillion is their education campaign, where they train kids in tree planting. By educating the younger generation on the importance of trees and the environment, they hope to create a more sustainable future for Zambia.

In addition to their education campaign, Plantamillion is committed to sustainable practices in their nursery. They use environmentally friendly methods to produce their plants and trees, ensuring that their impact on the environment is minimal.

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