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Albida Agriculture

Malaiti Road, Leopards Hill, Lusaka, Zambia

+260 969807298

Speciality Items

Organic Fertiliser

Albida Agriculture

About the Company

Albida Agriculture is a company that specializes in the manufacture of organic fertilizers that are suitable for both vegetable and ornamental plants. Their flagship product, Biofert Albida Biofert, is a new-age fertilizer that is manufactured with specifically-selected ingredients to produce a fertilizer that is beneficial for the plant, the soil, the farmer, and the environment in general.

Albida Biofert contains macronutrients, essential trace elements, high organic matter and carbon, agricultural lime, specific plant beneficial microbes, and other biological soil enhancers, all in a tried and tested granulated mix. This unique blend of ingredients helps to improve soil health and fertility, resulting in stronger, healthier plants that are better equipped to resist disease and pests.

Albida Agriculture
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