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Charity Mwakilima Ngoma

Northmead Government Flats Chiengi Court No3


Speciality Items

Succulents, agaves, philodendron, agelomena, cyprus

Charity Mwakilima Ngoma

About the Company

Charity Mwakilima Ngoma is a well-known figure in Lusaka's gardening scene. Charity and her family have been active members of local gardening clubs and events for a long time, including the Zambia Art and Design show.

Charity has specialized in succulents and was one of the first producers of succulents in wholesale quantities in the area. With her wealth of gardening experience, Charity also provides landscaping plants and services, focusing on waterwise succulent gardening. Her nursery, in Northmean, offers a wide variety of succulents as well as other plants to choose from.

Charity Mwakilima Ngoma
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