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Palm Farm, Kabwe

Great North Road


Speciality Items

Succulents, Fruit Trees,

Palm Farm, Kabwe

About the Company

Palm Farm is a plant nursery located in Kabwe, Zambia. The nursery is well-known for its selection of fruit trees, palm trees, seedlings, roses, and other garden plants. If you are looking to start an orchard, Palm Farm is a great place to visit as they offer a wide variety of fruit trees that are well-suited to the Zambian climate.

The farm is managed by a team of experienced horticulturists who have a passion for plants and trees. They grow their own seedlings and trees on-site, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. In addition to fruit trees, they also offer a range of palm trees and bedding plants that can be used for landscaping or as ornamental plants.

One unique feature of Palm Farm is their farm shop, where they sell handmade local products such as uniforms, aprons, quilts, tote bags, and handbags. This is a great opportunity to support local artisans and purchase unique, handmade products that you won't find anywhere else.

Palm Farm, Kabwe
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