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Facebook Groups and Communities

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

It is so encouraging when you are surrounded by like minded people. That is one of the benefits of online communities including those on Facebook and other social media channels.

There are several Facebook groups online which focus on Zambia where people with interests in gardening, farming and the environment can share and learn.

Laptop open to Facebook registration page
Laptop open to Facebook registration page

This was possibly the original Facebook group was set up in 2013 'to encourage gardeners in and around Zambia. Since then it has become one of the largest public forums for plant enthusiasts with member sharing post of plants as well as selling plants and exchanging information. Of particular interest are some of the documents among the pages files which include a Vegetable Growers Guide and a Garden Providers Directory. This group is growing exponentially and currently stands at over 135,000 members.

This group was set up to 'get together Zambian gardeners and exchange ideas.' Members can share plants images, ask for advice and post plants or sale. Currently standing at around 48,000 members. This group is very active and is another useful resource when looking to trade plants.

This group is meant for those who would like to know what snake or other small critter they have found, and to learn more about them. Run by Marciel Van Driel, the Director of Helping Hands in Snake Safety. The public page encourages participants to post photos or short films of animals you would like to know more about. There is a healthy amount of discussion around everything from insects to snakes with experts aiding in identifying and educating members on them.

This group is to bring together people who want to recycle, people who do separate their waste and recycle and people who recycle by processing that waste.

If you’re looking for a company who will take your waste paper or plastic, you’ve come to the right place.

Plant a Million is an environmental organisation that encourages the planting o trees in local communities. It has various initiative including school environment workshops and even runs a lively WhatsApp groups where environmentalists discuss practical solutions to the issues around us.

Other groups

It's worth doing your own investigation on which groups to join according to your interests. Among many other categories, there are similar pages on Farming in Zambia. Agriculture continues to be a growing industry and a Facebook search will reveal several groups where there is discussion on agriculture and livestock production. It ranges from conservation farming to orchard production and everything in-between.

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