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World Planting Day - 21st March 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

World Planting Day is a global event that takes place annually on the last Saturday of March and is focused on promoting the importance of planting trees and other vegetation. Although not officially recognised here in Zambia it is a good opportunity to motivate gardeners and other plant enthusiasts to get active and plant something.

A man planting seeds
A man planting seeds

The goal of World Planting Day is to raise awareness about the crucial role that trees and plants play in maintaining the health and stability of our planet's ecosystems, and to encourage individuals, organizations, and governments to take action to protect and preserve these important resources.

On World Planting Day, people around the world engage in a range of activities to promote the importance of trees and plants, such as planting trees and shrubs, organizing community clean-up events, participating in educational workshops and seminars, and more. The day is meant to bring people together to celebrate the positive impact that trees and plants have on our environment and to inspire action to protect and conserve these essential resources for future generations.

Overall, World Planting Day is a unique opportunity for individuals and communities to come together to promote the importance of trees and plants, and to take concrete steps to protect and preserve these important resources for future generations.

Here is a guide to growing seeds in trays

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