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Greenspace Zambia

Greenspace Zambia is a Lusaka-based plant nursery. We are passionate about encouraging people to maintain more plants in the spaces around them.

We run a corporate plant rental service and landscape advisory service. We also sell plants to the public and conduct regular garden workshops where we share basic home gardening tips.

As part of Greenspace Zambia's social responsibility project, we share information through social media, on gardening and the environment in Zambia. 


We hope will motivate more people to engage in home gardening or agriculture while making responsible eco-conscious choices.


Corporate Plant Rentals

Greenspace Zambia is the leading indoor plant rental agency in Lusaka.  It offers a professional plant maintenance service for corporate clients.

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Enjoy a tasty treat...then buy plants.

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The Mocha Puddle Cafe and Bakery is Lusaka's only  gluten-free bakery and coffee shop.


They serve gluten-free pastries, desserts, pizza, bread and other treats and and, they make the best chocolate brownies in town.


Greenspace Zambia has a selection of potted indoor and outdoor plants, at the Mocha Puddle, which you can buy as accessories for your home.


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Greenspace Zambia is excited to be part of the Zambia Art & Design Show 2022, an annual showcase of Zambia's finest artists and craftsmen!

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