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How Plants in the Office Improve Business Image

First Impressions Count. Within the first few seconds of stepping into your offices, a potential client will have made a subconscious judgement about organisation.

Everything, from their experience in the car park, to the temperature of the reception room and the greeting all adds to the overall impression in the mind of the customer and can affect potential business.

This is why those initial experiences of clients within your space have to be carefully managed to reassure the client that you will manage their business professionally.

Snake plants lining the courtyard outside a building
Snake plants lining the courtyard outside a building

In many of our urban centers in Zambia, as the towns expand, larger areas are being paved for the building of homes and offices. Very few corporates can have fully maximised their external landscaping and interior plants because it does take time to create and maintain these gardens. This is why having greenery both outside and inside your office premises will distinguish you from the surroundings.

Planting-up your offices can be done effectively with proper planning, taking the time to maximise on the available space both inside and outside the office. Another option is to hire a landscaping or indoor plant rental company that can do the work for you so you can focus on your real business.

Benefits of Having Plants in and around the Office

Studies have shown that humans naturally relax near greenery and that being near plants can improve mental well-being. Something as simply as having trees in the car park can help create that welcoming atmosphere before clients even step into the office.

Having plants indoors has a similar effect as the plants enhance the aesthetic of the interior decor but also add a cozy feel to the rooms and people tend to respond in a more positive manner when in a green environment.

Smiling woman in office surrounded by plants
Smiling woman in office surrounded by plants

Reinforce your Commitment to Sustainability

More often these days, people are conscious of sustainability practices a company can win bonus points from the public by demonstrating that it is eco-friendly. Many companies already have moved to paperless offices, or waste recycling.

Maintaining plants within the office also shows green consciousness; not only are you being responsible by looking after the plants in your office, the plants are also naturally mitigating the temperature and filtering they air within the office, creating a healthier environment for everyone in the community.

Plants in the Office Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

Studies have demonstrated that having plants in the office is great or employees too as it helps them focus more on their work and generally increases the levels of well-being within an office. Some of the positive effects that have been observed is less absenteeism, less mistakes on tasks, better work attitudes and problem solving within the team. Overall, it can be demonstrated that having plants within the ofice space can be an indirect contributor to the overall succuess of the business

Tips of how to 'green'up' your office
  • Landscape outside the office - add tree, shrubs and lawn outside your offices, Plant into large pots if you do not have land outside

  • Dress up the reception with a minimum of at least 3 plants, for a positive green impact.

  • It's a good idea to add plants to other rooms where clients visit especially if they have to be there for a while e.g. banking halls, meeting rooms, board rooms.

  • Have a knowledgeable / dedicated team member take care of the indoor plants as indoor can be quite sensitive and can struggle over an extended period.

  • For a large office consider a plant rental or landscaping service which can maintain the plants for you.

In climates such as ours in Zambia, which are hot and dry for more than half the year, having more plants in the city centers can only benefit us as a whole. Whether inside or outdoor, plants create micro-climates which retain moisture and help reduce temperatures, absorb dust, and muffle sound.

So not only do you create a positive impression by having lush greenery around your office but you also do your tiny part to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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